Ways to justify to YOURSELF that you NEED a custom closet 

1) You’ve worked very hard in life to get to where you are. You deserve it!
2) It’s custom, and totally affordable. When do you ever see those two words together? Time to celebrate!
3) You want it. You need it. You yearn for it. Case closed.
4) When is the last time you’ve treated yourself to something you really really want (and I’m not talking about that
Grande, Non-Fat, No Water, 180 Degrees, Tazo® Chai Tea Latte).
5) You won’t have to go out and buy yet ANOTHER black sweater because it has gotten lost in the black hole that is your closet. Besides, how many pairs of beige capris do you really need?
6) You simply don’t have enough room in your closet for all of your stuff…it’s time to take action.
7) If you’re already uber-organized, this will increase your happy-mojo substantially.
8) If you were genetically predisposed with the unorganized-gene, this will ensure you become the organized person you’ve always wanted to be.
9) You’ll look stellar EVERY DAY because you’ll be able to SEE all of the clothing you own, and you’ll easily remember those killer combos that are otherwise too easily forgotten.
10) It’s good for your health as you’ll be saving your knees and neck from repetitive strain injuries.
11) Woman typically take 26 minutes a day deciding what to wear. A gorgeous custom closet will allow you to do this in 10 minutes, freeing up 16 minutes of your morning to enjoy your latte and watch Breakfast Television.
12) Bragging rights – you will be the envy of all your girlfriends!
13) When you can see your wardrobe at-a-glance, you’ll be amazed at how well-dressed you really are.
14) You’ll no longer need to say, “Sorry I’m late boss, I couldn’t find my Jimmy Choos.”
15) Ever since Sex In The City, you’ve been dreaming of this closet! The chance to fulfill a dream doesn’t come along very often. Besides, the closet you’ve always dreamed of is far more realistic than George Clooney proposing.