It’s officially spring and its time for some spring cleaning! We have closet organization tips that you have to try.

Over the hibernating months of winter, your home has probably turned upside down.

Closets are the biggest clutter magnets. How many of us throw stuff in the closet and shut the door? Out of sight, out of mind, right? Guilty!

Well, it’s time to go through the mess that has built in your closet.

Here are 5 spring cleaning tips to help you get your closet clutter in tip top shape.

1.      Clear Out your Top Shelf

If you have a standard closet you probably have one top shelf.

Like me, I bet you either throw anything you can up there or stack folded pants, sweaters and shirts.

If you’re a stacker, you know how easy it is for stacks to fall over. With the busy life we live, who has the time to fix every stack that falls right away?

Most often, a stack falls when we pull an item out. Since, we’re in a rush to get ready and out the door, we leave the stack a mess.

Well, it’s time to pick up those stacks and re-fold/re-organize everything you have on that top shelf of your closet!

While you go through the stacked mess, take the time to look at your clothing items and purge anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months. Chances are you probably won’t wear it again.

2.      Grouping

Grouping particular items together completely depends on personal preference.

I, for example, like to colour coordinate my closet from light to dark. Within my colour groups I also group short sleeve to long sleeve. Pants are grouped by material i.e. Jeans together, dress pants together, etc. This is how I organize my closet.

How do you organize yours? If you’re not a grouper, I suggest you get in to the grouping habit.

Not only does grouping declutter your closet, but it also makes getting ready easier!

I know exactly where to go to get a certain type of clothing, material, and colour. Grouping makes picking out my clothes a 15 second task, instead of a 15-minute task.

If you don’t want to be an extreme grouper like myself, there are different methods of grouping.

One common method people like to use is to group likes with likes. Group items that you like to wear together- it’s like your closet is presenting outfit options for you.

3.      Utilize your Door and Empty Wall Space

Are your bags, ties, and belts taking over your closet? Do they have a designated spot in your closet?

For those who have wall space, a great solution would be to purchase a hanging rack that you can mount on the wall. You can easily hang belts and ties here, this will take up minimal space.

If you have a closet door, over-the-door purse hangers are a great option. You can hang multiple purses on one door and be clutter free!

4.      Create Space by Storing Clothes

Is your closet just too short on space?

With the seasons changing, you probably have certain clothing items that you only wear in the winter. Think about storing away those heavy sweaters and pants.

If you can’t store them in your closet, purchase an under the bed storage container. Pack them away, and slide them under the bed.

This is an easy solution to freeing up some space in your closet. By storing items under your bed, you get easy access to your warmer clothes, if needed.

5.      Utilize the Space Between the Floor and Where your Clothing Falls

We all have that gap in space between the floor and where your clothing hangs to. What do you put here?

Is it piles of clothes? Or whatever fits?

This would be a great place for a 2-3 row shoe rack or small shelf. I know what you’re thinking, 2-3 rows of shoes? I have way more shoes then that!

Divide your shoes among the closets in your home. Perhaps keep the shoes you wear for formal events in your bedroom closet and the shoes you wear more often in your downstairs closet.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like keeping shoes in their bedroom closet, you can fit a small shelf in this gap of space. This will give you more storage room for whatever you like.

Get Cleaning!

Now, that you have some de-clutter tips, it’s time for you to get started!

Good luck organizing your closet, and remember, there’s always a solution.

If your closet solution was not found here, reach out to us for a complete closet make over.