Let’s be honest, we spend A LOT of money on our jewelry. After all, it’s a known fact that accessories can make or break an outfit. Am I right? I’m sure we all agree that our jewelry collection consists of several types of items that we need a custom jewelry organizer for, this includes:

Your Favorite Pieces that you tend to over-wear because well… they’re your favorite.

Your Vacation Jewelry that you either bought on impulse, or after having too many mojitos. Either way, they’re probably already tarnished and not likely to be worn again. Do yourself a favor, detach from the sentimental memories and donate to the Sally Ann!

Your “Ex” Pieces….those lovely and not-so-lovely items your “Ex” gave you once upon a happier time. Ladies, if you still wear it, ROCK it! If you don’t and it’s real, melt ‘er down! If it’s not real and you don’t wear it, remove it from your jewelry collection and put it in the sentimental “Ex” shoebox we all know you have.

Chokers, Mood Rings and anything else from the 80’s…does Sally Ann even accept antiques?

Your Hopefulls….these are pieces you have never worn or very rarely worn because they would look SO amazing with the right outfit…which you have yet to find. My advice to you is, go find the outfit already, or put your beloved piece in your secondary jewelry drawer.

Tarnished Jewelry….if they’re real, spend 2 hours on a Saturday and clean your entire collection. You have no idea how good you’ll feel! If they’re fake, throw them out. It’s just that simple. Now that you have feng-shui’d your jewelry collection, it’s time to give them a deserving home.

You will LOVE our velvet-lined jewelry drawer. It’s the perfect home for your sparkling friends. If you have a particularly large collection, we will gladly design your dream closet with not 1, but 2 or 3 (or 10) jewelry drawers.

Trust us…it’s the beginning of a whole new love affair with your jewelry!