You spend a lot of time perfecting your home décor and spacing everything out to your liking. You always look forward to going home and unwinding at the end of the day. In the morning, you like to wake up and be able to get ready quickly and efficiently. Nobody wants to spend hours searching through boxes and the floor, trying to find what to wear and risk being late for work. You like everything to have its own special place…even if it’s not always there.
However, sometimes too much clutter takes over and you can become stressed out and irritated! Staying organized is sometimes a struggle and keeping our homes in order seems like a chore. Imagine a space where everything is neatly stored and ready for you to pick up. A space where you have an understanding of where everything is! This is where custom closets, kitchens, and garages come into play. We would like to discuss some of their advantages and why they are great solutions for any home!
1. Having custom closets will MAXIMIZE your EXISTING space!
Because all spaces are unique and different, finding storage and organizational solutions that fit your space without eating it all up can be difficult. Most store-bought shelving and cabinetry can actually take up more space than it is providing you with! Our design consultants take the time to measure out your exact space and work with all of its corners and curves to provide you with the maximum amount of storage space without taking up unnecessary space in the process.
2. Being able to meet your UNIQUE storage needs!
Everybody is different, and every person in your home is different! Some people require more hanging space, more shoe space, a larger shelving area or perhaps some longer hanging areas and some shorter! Within your home, you might need more jewelry trays whereas your husband may need a few tie racks. This is where we come in! During our in-home consultation, we discuss all these unique needs with you so that we can decide on the optimal solution and the best way to store your garments! Our closet builders will then come in and create your personal masterpiece!
3. Having a custom closet will help you SAVE TIME!
With a custom closet organizer, everything is design so that all of your garments have a specific place. This will save you time getting ready for work, getting the kids ready or putting away laundry! You’ll be able to easily spot the garment you need instead of wasting time desperately looking for that one dress that you swear is in there somewhere!
4. Looks AMAZING and increases HOME VALUE!
We can promise you that your brand new custom closet is something that you are going to want to show off. Some of our customers even keep the doors off because they add such an esthetically pleasing factor to your home. Not only this but prospective future buyers of your home will be pleased to find these gems waiting for them! Having realtors point out the custom closets in your home is a great and may increase your selling price point.
5. Having a custom closet actually SAVES MONEY!
Sometimes when our spaces are so cluttered, we are not aware of everything inside them. We may be looking for that simple black t-shirt but because it is so deeply buried by other clothes we assume we’ve lost it and go purchase another one. Once your closet is organized, duplicate purchases will surely decrease because you will be able to easily spot all your clothes. Because your clothes will not be squished together in your new custom closet, they will tend to not get as wrinkled and therefore you will be spending less money on visits to the drycleaners!
Hopefully we have eased your thoughts and helped convince you that a custom closet is actually a great investment in the long run! The best part is, here at My Living Organized; we work with YOUR budget and create the closet of your dreams on a budget you can afford. Not to mention that an in-home design consultation is 100% free!!! Contact us today if you have any questions or to book your consultation! Our team looks forward to hearing from you