Looking for a WOW factor? A WOW factor custom closet can be a reality!

Whether you’re looking to spice up your home, or provide an amazing gift to someone special, a custom closet gives that jaw dropping effect.

Not only does a custom closet look good, but think about the benefits it brings to overall functionality. Men and women both have a lot of stuff. It is common for women to have much more stuff, from a range of clothes to shoes, to bags and accessories. Now, imagine that all your stuff has a special spot, on display, that is completely accessible. Are you picturing it? A closet with a WOW factor.


Let’s paint the picture further, shoes, we all have a lot of shoes. How would a wall of shoes look in your custom closet? In an organized, colour arranged fashion, with the best ones at eye level for everyone to see- perfect!


Purses, I don’t know what it is with us women, like shoes, purses can really steal our hearts. Purses can also cost a fortune and need to be taken well care of. Where do you currently keep your purses? On the floor, in a bin, or hanged over the door? When you buy a purse, they are all lined up neatly on a shelf. It’s easily accessible, and easy on the eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this same organization in your home? A custom closet can give you that “in-store” effect for your purses.

Hanging Space

A standard closet gives you one hanging bar at a standard height, but what if you have clothes that are different lengths? What if the bar is too short and the bottom of your clothing drags on the floor? That defeats the entire purpose of hanging clothes. With a custom closet, you can section your closet by clothing items. For example, a section for dresses will probably need to have a higher bar height to accommodate length. Whereas a section for shirts won’t need as much height. Sectioning your closet will also use every inch of your closet, there will be no wasted space!


Belts, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, where do you keep them? Why not keep them tucked away in your closet? A custom closet can have custom drawers dedicated to all the small accessories that make your wardrobe! No more tangled necklaces, or missing sunglasses!

Get a WOW Custom Closet

We all love being the center of attention, why not let your closet be your home’s center of attention? A dream closet is within your reach. Book a free consultation with us. We’ll put turn your closet dreams in to a reality!