As time goes on our families grow and we accumulate a countless amount of stuff. Unfortunately, our space doesn’t grow with us. So, what do you do if you’re outgrowing your space? Maybe the solution isn’t purging or buying a bigger space. The solution could be as simple as a closet makeover.

The easy answer would be to go on a purge spree, but, perhaps you’ve already purged all that you can, then what? You don’t want to purchase a larger home, that’s costly, and you can’t build an extra room out of thin air, now what?

All homes come with storage spaces in the form of closets. Though closets are designed for storage, they aren’t always functional.

Let’s walk through a series of closet scenarios.

Scenario 1: One bar closets

Your home most likely came with closets that include one bar for hanging, and one shelf on top of the bar. You can’t get a lot of functionality out of this.

I bet you hang all your clothes and throw whatever you can on the shelf and floor of the closet. There’s no theory to the mayhem, you put things where they fit.

Perhaps you even bought an organizational tool that hangs on the bar. A lot of self organization stores, like Solutions and ikea, sell closet cubbies that velcro to the closet bar. This may be working for you, those cubbies are taking up precious hanging room? Not functional.

Scenario 2: DIY Closet Organization

Organizational boxes are good for storage, but where do you put the box itself? In the one bar, one shelf closet? It isn’t long before these boxes become dysfunctional themselves.

Without a designated space for all your items, random items will end up in a storage box and that storage box will officially be a random box.

The box itself also takes up space in your already dysfunctional closet, and let’s face it, it has probably already become a piling base.

Scenario 3: A Closet with a Dresser

To add extra drawers and storage to your space you may have decided to buy a new dresser. Drawers are a great source of storage, but not if you fit an entire dresser in your closet.

Yes, you’ve gained 3-4 drawers for all your stuff, but you just lost a countless amount of hanging space in your closet. Depending on how long your clothes are and how tall the dresser is, valuable hanging space is demolished by this dresser.

In addition, a dresser behind closed doors is a recipe for disaster. How long before you start throwing whatever you can on top of the dresser and closing the door? Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Spare the Agony and get a Closet Makeover

I’m sure there are a lot of DIY solutions that you can think of for yourself, but let’s be honest, how long do these solutions last?

It seems that every time a solution is reached, another challenge is brought up. With a closet makeover you’ll have the ultimate solution!

Now, what do we mean by a closet makeover? We mean, build the closet of your dreams! How amazing would it be to actually have a designated spot for all categories of your stuff?

My Living Organized finds solutions that will stick. A closet isn’t a storage space unless it’s tailored to your needs. Get custom, and get a closet makeover!

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