1) Rule Numero Uno…if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it! So fix it!
2) Rule #2 – PURGE! If an article of clothing is “Not your Style” or “Looks Frumpy”, get rid of it! Your goal should be to have everything in your closet be something you will actually reach in, grab and wear. If you’d be slightly embarrassed to run into a friend at the grocery store, it’s gone! If you’re having troubles, call a friend – their unbiased opinion will ensure a speedy purge.
3) Clothes facing right or left…pick one and stick to it. Make sure your clothes and hangers are all facing the same way.
4) Using the same type and color of clothes hangers really make an esthetic difference. Stay tuned for the launch of our Spring 2011 Love Your Stuff collection because we will have the BEST clothes hangers you have ever seen in your life!
5) Separate your short-sleeved shirts from your casual tops from your more formal (or work) tops.
6) Arrange each section from light to dark colors. Sounds tedious, but it’s worth it.
7) Troubles figuring out what goes where? Hang your most frequently worn garments in the most accessible section.
8) Remove your out-of-season garments, your less frequently worm garments and the stuff you wish still fit; and put them in a garage, a storage locker, spare bedroom, under a bed, or somewhere! Just get them out of your closet. Over-stuffed closets encourages disorganization (ie throwing clothes over doors, backs of chairs, stuffed in random closets, or dare I say it…on the floor)
9) Bathrobes are space-eaters in your closet. Mount your robe on the back of your bathroom door. Leave room for your dresses to breathe!
10) Don’t hang sheddables next to fuzz magnets. Your white angora sweater does not belong beside your black velvet pull-
on. Resist the urge!
11) All garments that may stretch out-of- shape if hung, put on a self. It took me years to figure this one out.
12) Everything needs a home. Belts on a belt rack, ties on a tie rack, lingerie in a drawer, purses on a shelf (or 2 or 3), and jewelry belongs in a box or in a jewelry drawer.
13) Shoes can be organized by color or type, or my personal favorite…price tag. Most expensive to the front, less expensive to the back.
14) If you use shoe boxes, make sure they are well-labeled. Let’s make life easy on ourselves, shall we?
15) Most importantly, take care of your clothes! De-fuzz your older sweaters to make them look brand new (yet another item we will be launching in our Spring 2011 Collection). Regularly polish and condition your shoes and get them re-heeled as needed.