Ways to Justify to HIM that you NEED a custom closet.

1) You get the closet you’ve always dreamed of, and he gets the garage he’s always dreamed of. All is fair in love and war-drobe.
2) It’s a perfect Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Solstice, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentines, Thanksgiving or Just-Because-I-Love-You present.
3) You will never again ask him, “Honey, have you seen my black matte jersey goddess-style dress with the knee length gathered skirt and the jacquard paisley pattern jeweled neckline?
4) You’ll always look hot because you’ll be able to pull out a sexy outfit in a flash.
5) Remember that 52” flat screen TV he bought? Or that unnecessarily huge surround-sound stereo system? Well, it’s time for pay back!
6) A new closet will substantially increase your quality of life, thus elevate your mood, intensify your mojo and thus greatly improve the overall mutual happiness in your relationship.
7) Everything will be perfectly organized allowing you to get ready faster so he’ll no longer need to say…“Are you ready YET!!!???”
8) It’s a guaranteed way for him to get outta the dog house.
9) You deserve to pamper yourself. After all of the things you have done for him and all of the hard work you endure on a day to day basis; it’s time for a reward.
10) You’ll have a much better utilization of your clothes because you’ll be able to see them. Therefore, you won’t need to buy duplicate pieces that are temporarily AWOL in the closet abyss. Thus, a lower VISA bill.
11) There’s nothing a woman loves more than shoes, purses, clothes and a man who is happy that she is happy with all of the above.
Happy woman equals happy man.
12) Your OCD man will never again feel the need to re-organize the bedlam on your side of the walk in closet.
13) Does he really want to deal with the myriad of subtle clues and wistful sighs every time you stand in front of your basic,
unorganized closet for the next ‘X’ years of your life?
14) An organized cabinetry system may keep the peace in your relationship. You’ll no longer need to rattle around in the closet trying to find what you want to wear while he’s sleeping. What’s that peace worth to him?
15) Impeding someone’s life-quest of becoming a highly organized, sophisticated, happy person is punishable by death in some