Sometimes, the size of our closets can really bring us down! We may think that there is no way to get full use out of our small closet systems but we are here to show you how you can! It all starts with changing your mindset! We have to learn to this of our closets as a true space- as part of our homes. A closet is much more than just a box in the corner of your room. A closet is a space that is ready for filling and organizing!

You must step back and look at your closet from different angles and decide what it is exactly that you will be using it for. Once you’ve figured out the main purposes of your beautiful space (no matter how big or small) you will be ready to start envisioning the organization possibilities!  Think about the things that you will store inside of your closet. Do you have a lot of long coats, dresses, skirts? Or is your wardrobe composed mostly of t-shirts and jeans? Analyzing your own wardrobe will play a huge roll in the type of space your closet will become. Knowing this will determine how much hanging space you need versus shelving versus shoe racks and other accessories.

Another way to make use out of a smaller closet is to think not only horizontally, but vertically too! Height in a closet can also be used to create more storage space including extended racks to accommodate for those lovely long pieces you may have!

Think about all the things that will take up the most space in your small closet. Ladies, we all know that this includes our beloved shoes and purses, am I right?! Adding a number of clear storage boxed that can be stacked and accessed easily is a great idea for all those beautiful purses. In terms of our shoes –shoe racks are a great space saver. Instead of having your pairs of shoes thrown all over the floor consider adding a small shoe rack (which can compromise of stacked shelves).

In order to maximize organization, everything that you wear on a daily basis should be kept at an eye level. This will reduce the time it takes you to get ready as well as “rummaging” behavior! With these two things reduced, your closet is guaranteed to stay organized and cleaner for longer!

At the end of the day, your closet is your own personal space and should reflect your lifestyle and here at My Living Organized we want to help you in any way to ensure your space becomes beautiful! Our design consultants will work with you to create a fully customized and personally fitted closet design of your choice to accommodate your personal storage needs. We have everything from shoe racks, to tie and belt racks to jewelry drawer inserts and everything in between!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to book your free consultation! Happy organizing from your MLO team!