Enough is enough! You’re tired of clutter! You have clothes in your closet you haven’t seen in months. You’ve hijacked hanging space from other rooms and the process of opening your closet has become a dreaded necessity. You’re not alone. Besides, a sexy built in closet is something you’ve been dreaming of for quite some time.

Perhaps your dream was first realized as a young girl whilst standing in your mother’s walk-in closet, wondering why the grown-ups get all the good stuff. Maybe you saw your first dream closet in a magazine, or in a movie, or at a friend’s house. Whatever the source of inspiration, at some point in your life, you’ve spotted THE closet that would forever be ingrained in your memory. Remember the promise you made yourself back then? “As soon as I’m in the position to do it, I’m gonna!”

Let’s define Position: To be financially able, to have enough space, and to not have a man that squashes the idea.

Well, we can’t help you on the man-front, but we can help you with the affordability and space part. We started this company with the belief that every woman should have the closet of her dreams…on a wickedly reasonable budget. We’ll even come to your house for a complimentary consultation where we’ll design your ideal closet staying within your budget.

As for space, if you have a small closet, and a rarely-used spare bedroom, why not convert that room into a walk-in closet? Practically speaking, how many times a year do you use your spare bedroom? Eight times a year? Once a month? Why not turn that space into a delightful room that you will derive copious amounts of joy from 365 days a year!? Invest in a blow-up-bed for friends and in-laws, or when it comes time to replace your living room sofa, buy a pull-out. It makes perfect, practical sense. How often do you want your in-laws staying over anyways?