16702273_xxl72That’s right, it’s time to clean the old fashion way! Get a good old disinfector and get rid of the winter germs your house has accumulated.

We’re not just telling you to disinfect your home so that it’s germ-free. Doing this will open your eyes to the organizational possibilities of your home!

Once you start moving things around, you’ll notice hey, if I put this here and move this here I can have more room for this. That’s the lovely thing about cleaning, it’s an exhausting job, but it opens your mind to space saver solutions.

As you clean around your home, don’t forget about the inside of your closets! This is probably the space where most dirt is collected.

You’ll probably come across space in your closet that is being neglected and unused. We can help you find a way to utilize that space. Our custom closets are designed to take advantage of every inch of closet space to improve functionality. Take advantage of our free, no obligation, assessment.

Stay tuned for tip #3, coming soon!