Go through every item in your closet one by one and decide if you want to keep it or purge it.9023313_xl72

So, how do you make a valid decision on what to keep and what to purge?

The 6 Month Rule
Think about it, ask yourself, have I used this item within the last 6 months? If your answer is no, then you’ll probably not use the item again, purge it!

What Condition is it in?
You may have a favourite pair of pants or a shirt that you instantly know you don’t want to part with. Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly. You may love the item, but examine it before putting it back in your collection. Is the colour fading? Are there any loose strings? Stains? Rips? Holes?

Sometimes we’re blinded by how much we love an item that we look past the imperfections. We need to stop and look at our items and make an informed decision to either purge it or keep it based on the condition.

Purging is Hard
We understand that purging is hard for some. If you’re too attached to your items, try purging to storage. Use the purge method, but instead of permanently getting rid of items, store them away.

Purging your items permanently or in storage will free some space up for new items, and who doesn’t want new stuff?

Our 4th and final spring cleaning tip is coming to you shortly! In the mean time, start purging. If you decide that you don’t want to purge and would rather keep everything, contact us for a free consultation. Our custom storage solutions can make your closets functional so that you can keep everything!